Grain Fed Beef

Whole Custom Dry-Aged Black Angus Ribeye on the Bone MS 3-4 8kg

$38/KG ?

Marble Score: 2-3

We take a whole 8kg ribeye on the bones and age it for 30 days in our custom dry aging room.  Once complete we will call you and ask you how you want to cut it. (we  recommend 7 x 1 kg rib chops. The dry aging service is free of charge. Expect a weight loss of 10-15% in aging and another 5-10% in trimming. ARGYLE BLACK BEEF IS GUARANTEED TO BE TENDER, JUICY AND OF THE HIGHEST EATING QUALITY. You will find it to have a buttery, rich and full flavor with exquisite marbling – reflecting the grass and grain diet of the cattle. The beef is completely free of hormone growth promotants and antibiotics. It is the finest quality hand-selected, wholesome grain fed beef that have been fed on a diet of grass and then finished on natural grains for 120 – 150 days from our own Black Angus cattle making it tender and supremely rich in flavor. The beef comes only from our own farms and processed in our own factories with full traceability throughout the entire supply process.

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“I am really impressed with the Argyle Wagyu Ribeye.  The flavor and texture of the beef is top notch.  For 2kg of beef I paid what if usually pay for 2 quality steaks at a high end supermarket.  The value is second to none in Hong Kong! Couldn’t recommend this product enough.

Serge - Executive Chef - Nutrition Kitchen

Great value for melt in your mouth flavourful Aussie wagyu beef. Medium rare, very light pepper corn and brandy sauce,  kids and the missus loved it! For the price I was very pleasantly surprised, will order again.

Patrick Barrett The Globe

Had my first rib eye from you today- it was bloody brilliant and knocked socks off anything else I’ve had here (Jason’s/great/ bones blades) . I think 2 kg of meat can look daunting to some on line but if you think half set aside for a Sunday roast and vac the rest into steaks it’s much easier to consider . Thanks again superb quality G”

Gerald HK Island